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Customer Comments & Testimonials


Although our direct customers are major retailers throughout the world,
some consumers reach out to us directly for questions or comments.


I received my ring from my now fiancee. It was purchased in LA from our local jeweller. I was very happy to see the quality on the certificate. It was comforting to know it was inspected and certified through an Independent body and not the retailer. Very Happy!!
Lauren K.


I purchased a diamond ring from Ben Moss jewellers in Edmonton, Canada. Your diamond report said I1 clarity, G colour. I took it to a local appraiser, they said it was an SI 2. I’m assuming you have a stricter policy or higher standard? I will stick with your grading for my insurance purposes.
Karrol J.


Hi there,
I bought a jewelry pendant from a Rogers & Holland store in Indiana, USA. I had another local jeweller who said he was certified by GIA, which I understand is the top rated certification company in the US. He said he wasn’t familiar with GLI but he did agree with your diamond report. Just thought you should know.
Helen C.